• Advertising and brand trust: perspectives from the UK and Italy

      Danbury, Annie Hagen; Palazzo, Maria; Mortimer, Kathleen; Siano, Alfonso; University of Bedfordshire; University of Salerno; University of Northampton (2017-09-25)
      The creation of a trusting brand identity through advertising has received relatively little attention in European marketing research. We explore this relationship by undertaking focus group research in the UK and Italy to identify the characteristics of print advertisements perceived as portraying a trusting image. The results show that advertisements that are simple, straightforward and clear are perceived as being more trusting. However, findings also show some differences between our national samples in relation to factors such as colour perception and consumer ethnocentrism. Young consumers are also quite critical of current advertising efforts in building a trusting brand image. 
    • Corporate social responsibility: engaging the community

      Deigh, Linda; Farquhar, Jillian Dawes; Palazzo, Maria; Siano, Alfonso; University of Bedfordshire; London Metropolitan University; University of Salerno (Emerald, 2016-04-11)
      Purpose This paper aims to extend corporate social responsibility (CSR) theory by exploring how firms engage with community. The community is frequently cited as a stakeholder of the firm, but in spite of its status in networks it has not been the focus of research. Drawing on community theory and Carroll’s pyramid for the foundation of this study, the authors undertake an empirical investigation to advance knowledge in CSR engagement with a particular stakeholder group. Design/methodology/approach To generate an in-depth insight, the study adopts a multiple case study approach involving the purposeful selection of three retail banks in Ghana as units of analysis. It draws on multiple data sources to strengthen its findings Findings The study finds that community engagement consists of four spheres of activity: donations, employee voluntarism, projects and partnerships. Philanthropy forms part of largely ad hoc CSR actions by firms. The study also finds that philanthropy is not merely a desired function of the CSR pyramid but an essential one. Practical implications This research imparts increased understanding of how firms engage with an important but frequently overlooked stakeholder group – community. Originality/value This study presents specific theoretical extensions to CSR through its identification of four core activities of community engagement.
    • Cultural perspectives on advertising perceptions and brand trustworthiness

      Danbury, Annie Hagen; Palazzo, Maria; Mortimer, Kathleen; Siano, Alfonso (IGI Global, 2015-04-01)