• NIHR Themed Review: interventions to increase physical activity

      Fortescue-Webb, Duncan; Evans, Tansy; Hanss, Katharine; Lamont, Tara; Behrendt, Hannah; Brannan, Michael; Chater, Angel M.; Coles, Allison; Cope, Andy; Dooley, Michael; et al. (NIHR Dissemination Centre., 2019-07-29)
      Being active matters because it is an important way of staying healthy. We know that people can reduce their risk of many serious diseases by staying physically active. Activity is also important for mental wellbeing and keeping socially connected. Finding enjoyable ways to be active can benefit people in so many ways. But it is often hard for people to start and keep the habit of regular activity. Around a quarter of people are inactive and less than two thirds meet recommended activity levels. We need to know more about what works in getting people active and sustaining this, particularly for those who are least active now. This review focuses on National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)-funded research evaluating interventions to increase physical activity for individuals and populations. This features over 50 published and ongoing studies. Evaluations range from programmes in schools and communities to changes in transport and the environment, which are designed to promote greater activity.