• A scalable and license free 5G Internet of radio light architecture for services in homes businesses

      Cosmas, John; Meunier, Ben; Ali, Kareem; Jawad, Nawar; Salih, Mukhald; Meng, Hong-Ying; Ganley, Martin; Gbadamosi, James; Savov, Atanas; Hadad, Zion; et al. (IEEE Computer Society, 2018-08-16)
      In this paper we present a 5G Internet Radio-Light (IoRL) architecture for homes that can be readily deployed because it utilizes unlicensed visible light and millimeter wave part of the spectrum, which does not require Mobile Network Operator (MNO) permission to deploy and which is used to provide inhabitants of houses with accurate location, interaction, access to Internet and Cloud based services such as high resolution video on a Tablet PC. The paper describes the home use cases and the IoRL architecture.