• Design and study of a small implantable antenna design for blood glucose monitoring

      Ahmed, Ayesha; Kalsoom, Tahera; Ur-Rehman, Masood; Ramzan, Naeem; Karim, Sajjad; Abbasi, Qammer Hussain; University of Bedfordshire; University of West of Scotland; Foundation University Islamabad; University of Glasgow (Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Inc, 2018-10-12)
      In this paper, a miniaturized implantable antenna with the dimensions of 8×8×1 mm3 has been studied for continuous monitoring of Blood Glucose Levels (BGL). The antenna performance is analyzed numerically for both the free space and implanted operation. The results show that the works excellently in both the scenarios. The antenna has the lowest resonant frequency of 3.58 GHz in free space with a gain 1.18 GHz while it operates at 2.58 GHz with a gain of 4.18 dBi. Good performance, small size and resilience to the human body effects make the antenna to have a good potential use in future implantable glucose monitoring devices.